Sandbanks Cottages


West Lake Willows is owned and operated by the Walcott family. 

In 2002 during his third year of university, Scott entered in to  partnership at West Lake Willows.  After earning Bachelor's degrees in Biology and English Secondary Education respectively, Scott and Sophie married in 2003 and began to operate West Lake Willows together.  Together they have developed West Lake Willows into a thriving community and business.

 There have been several upgrades made on the property over the years, namely an up- to- date water treatment facility, new playground, well-maintained boat ramp and docking area, as well as access to wi-fi internet.  Ugrades to the infrastructure on the property, the cottage units, and the fishing charter boat have answered a growing need in the market for their customers.

Family is important to the Walcotts.  On staff, you will find Scott's parents Don and Leslie as well.  They all live on- site at West Lake Willows so between them all, there is  always someone available to answer your questions or to just to have a chat!