West Lake Willows
In the heart of beautiful Prince Edward County, overlooking the world’s largest freshwater sand dunes.

West Lake Willows has one of the nicest locations in Prince Edward County as it is very close to Sandbanks Provincial Park.  We have over 700 ft of shoreline on West Lake overlooking the sand dunes beach location of the Provincial Park. All of our sites are fully serviced.

The biggest advantage that West Lake Willows has is the proximity to the 3 main beaches of Sandbanks Provincial Park. We are a nine minute walk from the Dunes beach, with all the mountains of sand (some are over 6 stories high!). The dunes are actually 5 miles long, making it the largest freshwater sand bar in the world. The Outlet beach and the Sandbanks beach are both on the Lake Ontario side, only 2 kilometers away.  Take a look around our site and learn more about what we have to offer.